My Tech Blog (Geek Out)

As CIO of Track Entertainment, I see a lot of great new technologies and get to investigate a number of both open source and commercial software packages. Every day I am presented with the challenge of maintaining and updating existing systems, investigating new technologies, launching a web site, or solving general IT issues.  I do not have a bias in terms of open source versus commercial – I just need the best solution for the job.  We run RedHat Linux and Microsoft Windows, MS SQL and MySQL, Apache and IIS, commercial and open source software packages.

Sometimes the process of finding the best solution for the problem takes a lot of time and effort. This section of my blog is dedicated to taking all of my research and sharing it with the world…  Hell, I did all the work, so why shouldn’t someone else benefit?  Look for my reviews on the best commercial and open source software, reviews of new technology, great deals I’ve found, and more.  I hope that it helps some other people in doing their job or building their pet project.

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