Open Source CRM Software

I’ve been looking into open source CRM software, and originally found and installed SugarCRM. It seems to be a great product, but requires license fees for additional modules such as the Outlook plug-in (which would be very useful). At this point, as we try to figure out how to best use CRM, we do not want to pay any fees.

I then found vTiger, which is another open source CRM package that includes the Outlook and Office plug-ins as open source. As they originally took the SugarCRM software and re-branded it as vTiger (legally able to do under the open source license for SugarCRM), there seems to have been some discussion as to whether this was (a) completely legal and (b) in keeping with the open source spirit.  That discussion seems to have died down as vTiger branched off the original code with a large number of their own enhancements.  I’ll be giving it a try to see if it works for our needs.  I’ll be sure and report back.

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