Some useful Windows commands

These are two useful Windows commands that I use frequently:

  1. shutdown -r -t 1
    When you use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to a Windows XP or windows Vista PC, the reboot option is not available on that PC. Well, often times you need to reboot the PC, so using the command above will do that.  The “-r” option tells the PC to reboot and the “-t 1” tells it to reboot in 1 second rather than the default 30 seconds. No reason to wait around, right? Running shutdown /? will give you a list of ll the options available.
  2. net statistics server
    Running this command on a Windows XP or Server 2000/2003 machine will give you a number of statistics, but I most often use it to determine how long a machine has been running since its last reboot. (Like the uptime command on Linux.)  This does not work in Vista but if you run the task manager, you can see the uptime in the Performance tab under “System.”

As I said, these are two that I use frequently and that may be helpful for you too.

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