New Version of Picasa Includes Photo Editing, Face Movies and more

I made the switch from Mac to PC just over a year ago, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.  I love my MacBook Pro and most of the Apple software is amazing.

That being said, I’ve never really liked iPhoto.  I tried to use it, organize my photos with it – really get into it. Unfortunately, it just didn’t seem intuitive to me.  Luckily, Picasa for the Mac is available and in my opinion, it’s the best photo manager around.  In Picasa, things just seem more intuitive and straightforward. Folders are organized effectively. Using Collections is a breeze. Uploading to Picasa Web Albums is free and easy (1GB of space is free and 20GB only costs $5 for the year.)

Now, the latest version of Picasa adds online photo editing with Picnik, batch uploads to  Picasa Web Albums, some meta data improvements, and a very cool feature called “Face Movies” which allows you to create a video from anyone’s photos which will always display their face in the middle throughout the entire photo slide show.  You can check out the one I made here:

[vimeo 14269383]

I’d recommend dumping iPhoto and getting Picasa now.

– via Picasa 3.8: Face movies, Picnik integration, batch upload, and more [Google Photos Blog]

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