MS Office 2007 – PDF Previewer

Like many others, I have not been very happy with my Microsoft Vista upgrade. Vista is just not ready for prime time yet. I have frequent crashes, programs that do not work, devices that do not work, etc. In fact I just ordered a new home PC from Dell (with Vista) and my first plan is to rebuild it with Windows XP. I don’t think I can take having Vista at home as well as at work.

MS Office 2007 has been a completely different experience altogether. I love it! While it takes some getting used to, the new features and layout are great. Outlook has a number of new features which make life easier, including: auto-detecting Exchange server settings, better multiple email account management, the ability to have sent items for IMAP accounts stored in a separate folder, and auto-preview so that you can view attachments in Outlook without opening another program. So, this works great for images and MS Office programs, but it doesn’t have a PDF previewer installed. Luckily, Tim Heuer and Foxit software have developed one that you can download from his blog.

Oh yeah, make sure you download the Save as PDF add-in for Microsoft Office too. It lets you save files as PDF without needing to have Adobe Acrobat installed.

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