iPhone News: iOS 4.02 and Ultrasn0w 1.1.1 Released

Apple has just released iOS 4.02 for the iPhone which fixes the PDF security flaw that allowed the jailbreakme.com web site to function. As most good jailbreakers now now, do NOT upgrade to this version of the software as it is currently un-jailbreakable.

In other news, Ultrasn0w 1.1.1 has been released (the tool you need to unlock your iPhone).  This new release has been tweaked and should improve standby battery performance.

I’m currently waiting on my new factory unlocked iPhone 4 which is coming from the UK.  My friend, who waited for about an hour at the new Covent Garden Apple Store to pick one up, tells me that the line for the unlocked iPhone was about 100 people when he got there and 300 people when he left. There was no line at all for iPhones with a service contract.

He also says that a lot of the people in the line were foreigners wanting to get one.  The Apple employee told him that they were moving around 3,000 iPhones a day from that location alone.  They had gotten a new shipment the previous night and expected to be sold out by that afternoon.

– via iPhone Hacks

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