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  • Using Iframes for Video in WordPress

    As the major video sites switch from using Flash for video towards using HTML5, you should think about doing the same on your WordPress blog.  By using the <iframe> tag instead of the <embed> tag it ensures that your video will be displayed for people on a computer, iPhone, iPad or whatever else may be […]

  • WordPress FlvPlayer Plugin – Getting it to work properly!

    The FLVPlayer WordPress plugin is a nice utility to add Flash videos to your WordPress site, but it has not been updated by the author in numerous months and does not completely work as described in the installation instructions.  Here are the steps I had to take to get it to work: Download the latest […]

  • WordPress Event Calendar PlugIn?

    So, I’ve been looking for a WordPress event calendar plugin, and while I found the Event Calendar 3 plug-in, I wasn’t happy with it. It does not support multiple day events, recurring events, etc. I found PHPiCalendar, but that only reads in iCal files, and is not integrated into WordPress, except through a plugin which […]

  • WordPress

    The WordPress software is pretty impressive. So far, I have been able to do everything I have wanted to either with the sofware itself, or with a plug-in. These are the plugins that this site is currently using: WP-Stats: statistics page Front Page Categories: only show certain categories on the front page Search Pages: advanced […]