Best resignation ever.

This girl quits her job by sending 33 photos on a dry erase board to her entire office. Hilarious…

Check out the rest of the photos at The Chive.

UPDATE: Turns out it was all a hoax.  People believed it because I think everyone at some point would have wanted to quit this way.


Great day to download some new music…

Somehow I missed all this great new music until today (or maybe I just finally had some free time to actually look around):

  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack: crappy vampire movie, but great alternative soundtrack featuring Metric, Muse, The Bravery, Vampire Weekend and a lot more.
  • The National – High Violet: this album leaked early, but I finally downloaded it now. They’re a great Brooklyn-based indie band.
  • Kate Nash – My Best Friend Is You:  I played her first album to death after discovering her long before she made it to the States (I actually saw her first NYC show that she had to play for free after failing to get a work visa), but so far this one has not impressed me as much. I’m going to have to give it a few more listens.
  • Kele – The Boxer: solo album from the lead singer of Bloc Party. The singles are pretty good, but I still have to get through the rest of the album.  I was disappointed in Bloc Party’s last album, so hopefully this one is better.
  • Interpol: two tracks (Lights and Barricade) from their September 7 self-titled album have been released, and they’re both classic Interpol.  Lights is in my “heavy rotation.”

Here’s some of the YouTube videos of the above artists. Definitely worth checking out!


Cool Software: Rappaportive

If you use Gmail, you have to install Rappaportive.

I’ve been using this software for awhile now and it is really cool.  What it does is try and pull the contact information from anyone who emails you from various social media sites (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.).  If it finds information, it will display it along the right-hand side of your Gmail window (where the ads usually appear).  This includes things like their photo, location, and links to the various social networks they have profiles on.  It helps to make email a lot more personal, especially when it pulls up a photo of someone you’ve never met before.  It’s also free, which makes it even better.