Dave McComb


I’m Dave McComb, innkeeper, vacation rental expert, tech guru, husband, father and snowboarder.

Based in Killington, Vermont, with strong ties to Michigan (Go Blue!), New York City (Upper West Side), and Buenos Aires, Argentina (Belgrano y Palermo Soho).

Areas of expertise


From short-term rentals to innkeeper and wedding venue owner, I’ve happily been involved in providing great guest experiences in Killington and Buenos Aires.


Starting with a BSE in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan, I’ve been involved in tech and tech related businesses for 30+ years (ouch).

Short-Term Rental Management

Growing and building multiple property management companies through the use of technology and personal relationships has been a highlight of my career. I currently serve on the board of the Vermont Short Term Rental Alliance (VTSTRA).


I’ve been involved with starting businesses for over 20 years – from tech startups to small local business – I’ve pretty much done it all.

Current Projects