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Some useful Windows commands

These are two useful Windows commands that I use frequently:

  1. shutdown -r -t 1
    When you use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to a Windows XP or windows Vista PC, the reboot option is not available on that PC. Well, often times you need to reboot the PC, so using the command above will do that.  The “-r” option tells the PC to reboot and the “-t 1” tells it to reboot in 1 second rather than the default 30 seconds. No reason to wait around, right? Running shutdown /? will give you a list of ll the options available.
  2. net statistics server
    Running this command on a Windows XP or Server 2000/2003 machine will give you a number of statistics, but I most often use it to determine how long a machine has been running since its last reboot. (Like the uptime command on Linux.)  This does not work in Vista but if you run the task manager, you can see the uptime in the Performance tab under “System.”

As I said, these are two that I use frequently and that may be helpful for you too.


Quickbooks 2009 R6, Windows Vista 64-bit PDF Problems

All of a sudden, Quickbooks 2009 would no longer email invoices.  It started failing with the error “Quickbooks cannot connect to the remote server because part of your company data is currently in use.” In addition, I could not print to a printer nor could I even open the “Printer setup…” menu.

I found this tech article about the problem and proceeded to follow the steps to make the PDF converter compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows.  I rebooted my PC and when I re-opened Quickbooks, I could get into the “Printer Setup…” menu.  However, I got the error, “You cannot print directly to the QuickBooks PDF Converter. Try using QuickBooks Save as PDF menu option.”

I was about to go look this up, when I checked the printer setup options again and restarted QuickBooks. When I restarted, everything worked fine. I’m not sure what that was, but it seems to be working fine now.

Hope this helps.


Whitelisting Blackberry Internet Service IP Addresses

One of our clients was having a problem with email messages sent from a colleague’s Blackberry always ending up in her spam folder.

To resolve this, we added Blackberry’s IP address ranges to our spam filter’s whitelist IPs.  Here are the IP address ranges to allow:

That seems to be a comprehensive list.


Google Apps and IMAP Invalid Credentials Error

I have pretty much moved all of my email domains and hosting over to Google Apps. It just makes sense – free email, spam filtering, etc. and you can access it via IMAP or POP.  It’s been working great too, but recently I started getting the following error from time to time in my Outlook client:

IMAP: Invalid credentials (Failure)

This was a new error and went away if I clicked on the remember password box and clicked OK, but it was annoying.  Luckily, after some research I found this fix: 

  1. Close your email client
  2. Go to and enter your username and password to unlock the captcha. (Obviously, replace YOURDOMAIN.COM with your own domain name.)
  3. Restart your mail client.

The problem should now be fixed.


Cool Software: NetDrive (Free For Home Use)

The NetDrive software allows you to map any FTP server to a local drive on any Windows machine. This is great because you no longer have to worry about using a FTP client to connect to the server everytime. You can simply drag and drop files to the FTP server just by going to it’s mapped drive letter. Plus, it now makes any program you have automatically work with files on a FTP server, so you can use an editor and edit the files directly without having to download and upload them again.  Even better, it’s free for home use.

Here’s some other features:

  •  Mounts remote storage as a local hard disk on your PC
  • Data transfer by drag and drop files in windows explorer
  • Able to run files(video, audio and any other .exe files)
  • Able to run NetDrive as a system service when Windows starts. Mounts drive automatically when Windows starts.

Get it at