Category: Bug Fixes

  • Yum Update Fails with Unresolved Dependency Errors on RedHat EL 5

    I was trying to update some of my RedHat EL 5 servers to the latest updates by running: yum update Unfortunately, I kept running into unresolved dependency errors like these: –> Missing Dependency: is needed by package 1:control-center-2.16.0-16.el5.i386 (installed) Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package gnome-panel-2.16.1-7.el5.i386 (installed) Error: Missing Dependency: ghostscript is […]

  • Blackberry Professional Server – Blackberry Controller Service Will Not Start

    Today we had a problem on our Blackberry Professional Server where the “Blackberry Controller” service was stopped and would not start.  Trying to manually start the service would give us the following error: The BlackBerry Controller service terminated with service-specific error 5003 (0x138B). Luckily, the fix was easy. There seemed to be some contention with […]

  • Quickbooks 2009 R6, Windows Vista 64-bit PDF Problems

    All of a sudden, Quickbooks 2009 would no longer email invoices.  It started failing with the error “Quickbooks cannot connect to the remote server because part of your company data is currently in use.” In addition, I could not print to a printer nor could I even open the “Printer setup…” menu. I found this […]

  • Exchange Server 2007: Distribution Lists Not Receiving Email From Outside

    We recently installed Exchange Server 2007 and noticed that any new distribution lists were not receiving email from any outside addresses. Turns out that this is turned off by default in Exchange Server 2007 and needs to be enabled.  The Exchange Server Share blog has an article describing how to fix this.

  • Event ID: 3015 and Event ID: 3024 on Small Business Server 2003

    Today, one of our client’s servers would no longer accept PPTP connections. We were getting a ton of 3015 and 3024 errors in the event viewer. It turns out that this is related to the recent DNS patches from Microsoft and certain TCP ports need to be excluded from the random ports that DNS can […]