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  • Feedly RSS Expander

    Feedly RSS Expander

    With the coming demise of Google Reader, it seems that there are only three real choices: Feedly, Digg Reader and AOL Reader. After trying out all of them, Feedly won me over  (Digg was a better experience, but too buggy at this time.). That being said, none of them are a perfect replacement. I have […]

  • Welcome To Spreadsave, A Social Coupon and Deals Site

    I wanted to invite everyone to check out Spreadsave, a social online coupons and deals site, that I’ve been lucky to be a part of. We have a talented team based in New York, Berlin and Buenos Aires and just pushed out the beta version of the site. Spreadsave is the world’s first truly social […]

  • MySpace, why are you emailing me again?

    Looks like MySpace must have turned on some new notification system in the past 24 hours because all of a sudden I started getting friend requests, updates, etc.  I haven’t gotten an email from them (or thought about them) in years. This may be part of their plan to get people to come back to […]

  • Using Iframes for Video in WordPress

    As the major video sites switch from using Flash for video towards using HTML5, you should think about doing the same on your WordPress blog.  By using the <iframe> tag instead of the <embed> tag it ensures that your video will be displayed for people on a computer, iPhone, iPad or whatever else may be […]

  • Great Add-Ons for Gmail: Rappaportive and Cloud Magic

    If you use Gmail all the time like I do, then there are two great add-on products that you really need to install. The first is Rappaportive. I’ve been using this software for awhile now and it is really cool.  What it does is try and pull the contact information from anyone who emails you from […]

  • New Version of Picasa Includes Photo Editing, Face Movies and more

    I made the switch from Mac to PC just over a year ago, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.  I love my MacBook Pro and most of the Apple software is amazing. That being said, I’ve never really liked iPhoto.  I tried to use it, organize my photos with it – really get […]

  • HDMI cable myths and places to buy all kinds of cheap cables

    I saw this info-graphic awhile ago and thought it would be good to repost it.  Basically, since HDMI is all digital, the signal is either going to get there or it’s not, so it doesn’t matter whether the cable costs $5 or $500. You’re better off going with the $5 one though… If you’re looking for cheap […]