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  • Teaching Children About Charity

    Teaching Children About Charity

    Very cool idea to teach children about charity – two piggy banks. One for them to save in and one to donate from. – via Piggy by Materious [Design Milk]

  • Craigslist Updates Its Look

    Craigslist Updates Its Look

    Wow. After years and years of keeping the same old design, Craigslist has actually started to tweak its look.  Yes, these design changes are minimal, but it has made the site look a lot “cleaner.”  They’ve even added some JavaScript menu navigation on the sides. Like I said, nothing revolutionary, but a huge change for…

  • Best resignation ever.

    Best resignation ever.

    This girl quits her job by sending 33 photos on a dry erase board to her entire office. Hilarious… Check out the rest of the photos at The Chive. UPDATE: Turns out it was all a hoax.  People believed it because I think everyone at some point would have wanted to quit this way.

  • Things I Want: AR Drone

    A remote controller helicopter? Cool. A WiFi helicopter controlled with your iPhone? Super cool. Video cameras? Pretty freaking awesome. Augmented reality and games? Must have now… Pre-sale price of $299.99? Hmmm…

  • Things I Want: A Garden Zombie

    Ok, this is definitely something I want for my garden. Oh wait, I don’t have a garden. Hmmm… I wonder where else I could put it and if I could bring it as carry-on luggage. The Garden Zombie is only $89.99 from Think Geek.

  • Why you should stop drinking bottled water

    Why you should stop drinking bottled water

    More reasons to stop drinking bottled water. (via The Huffington Post)

  • Yow…

    This site has long been forgotten about. Yet another good idea that never quite materialized. I have just discovered that I do enjoy blogging though. Please be sure and check out my new site. Hopefully it will not go the way that this one did. But, who knows, maybe this one will be resurrected too……