DaVe McComb is an entrepreneur, tech guru and expat who spends his time living and working between the States and Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He is currently working on a number of Web 2.0 projects as well as serving as advisor for a number of startup companies.

When not working, DaVe is an avid snowboarder, but unfortunately not yet an avid Spanish speaker. He’s working on it though.

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You can find him on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Pop-Up DaVe McComb

  • The founder of Google once slept on DaVe’s couch in New York City. However, he has not yet responded to the recent bill that was sent to him for that stay. 🙂
  • DaVe founded Clubplanet.com as a way to avoid standing in lines to get into clubs. It worked.
  • DaVe was one of the first 20 people at InterWorld, an early e-commerce company. He was promised that they would all be sailing around NYC on their own personal yachts. That never quite happened.
  • DaVe has been to Burning Man and hopes to return again at some point. This was one of the best experiences of his life.
  • DaVe has realized that business partners suck. Oh yeah, and get everything in writing.
  • DaVe loves to travel and would do only that if he could. He has been to four of the seven continents so he has a bit more traveling to do to hit them all.
  • DaVe is an avid bargain hunter and prides himself on finding the best deal – even if that means spending more time looking for the deal/coupon/promotion than that extra deal is even worth.
  • Dave is a perfetcionist
  • DaVe started writing his name with a capital “V” during an internship at BNR when working with several other Dave’s. He has kept that signature in his email, but does not write it that way on paper. DaVe is pronounced the same as Dave.
  • DaVe does not update his personal blog as much as he would like to. He does blog more frequently at Discover Buenos Aires.
  • DaVe does not usually write about himself in the third person.

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