Feedly RSS Expander

Feedly Full RSS ExpanderWith the coming demise of Google Reader, it seems that there are only three real choices: Feedly, Digg Reader and AOL Reader. After trying out all of them, Feedly won me over  (Digg was a better experience, but too buggy at this time.).

That being said, none of them are a perfect replacement. I have found that Feedly is missing one of the things that I and many others used with Google Reader – the Super Full Feeds extension. This extension allowed you to take short RSS feeds (RSS snippets) and turn them into full content RSS feeds right in the browser. This made reading things much easier and snappier.

So, until there is a Super Full Feeds Extension for Feedly, the next best thing may be the Full Text RSS Feed website. This site allows you to input any RSS feed and get a new RSS link that contains the full feed. You can then add that URL to Feedly and get full content rather than just excerpts.

It’s not as simple as the Chrome extension was, but it will work for now…




Welcome To Spreadsave, A Social Coupon and Deals Site

I wanted to invite everyone to check out Spreadsave, a social online coupons and deals site, that I’ve been lucky to be a part of. We have a talented team based in New York, Berlin and Buenos Aires and just pushed out the beta version of the site.

Spreadsave is the world’s first truly social shopping site. While we’re still working on a lot of the best features of the site, we wanted to push the first version of the site out there for everyone to check out. You can sign up using Facebook connect, view daily deals across a variety of sites, and then when you use or share the coupons or deals earn “gold coins” that can be redeemed in our award store for cash and prizes.

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